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Friday, October 1, 2010

Not The Priority Anymore

at this moment...i feel so sad...i miss my previous life...my previous life that put me as a priority by somebody.....

nowadays, i already lost that specialty maybe..no more number one!seems like that space is not mine anymore....i'm here just to fill up the little space left by them....everything has changed! :(

damn misses the old time so very much!i ran towards....but something shunned me! something that i considered as a very huge obstacles!it's sucks! i'm crying! :'(

weekdays, those very busy day loads with works...weekends, those the time for studies....whenever got some free time on weekends, its not mine totally....needs to divide it into a few part...and of course,again...i'm not the priority!friends, hang out, family, dinner with buddy, hang out again, shopping and so on...

what left for me?the tiredness, sleepiness, stress, not in mood....happiness is so rare...gosh! i miss this... "your happiness is my priority" T__T

x    o    x    o

am i going to have it as mine again?

my lord, i really need your help to make me more stronger...

let me smile always even though the truth i'm crying inside 




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