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Monday, October 11, 2010

Awesome Pre-wed Photoshoot ^_^

clicks here and there...
scroll ups and downs...
suddenly, my eyes catch these pictures!
wow!fantastic and awesome!
i'm so excited when i look at these pictures!

good job Kukubesi Manipulasi.... 

ala ala Final Fantasy pulak tengok pic nie! :)

they are flying!!!!
mentang mentang nikah ngan angkasawan.... ngee~~~

nak tengok lagi pictures yang mengujakan?sila lah ke fanpage Kukubesi Manipulasi

i don't know what is the theme for Dr Sheikh Muzafar & Dr. Harlina pre wed photoshoot basically..

the location for this shoot is at Broga, the place that i fall in love with when i saw it for the first time!

because it is so greeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...... :))))

and i  love green! ^_^

bile la agaknye dapat pegi mendaki bukit nak sampai ke Broga nie?
kalaw nak hiking kena start pukul3 pagi....waaooowwweeeeee.....nak3....
somebody please bring me there! :(

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