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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pegi ke Tak Ek?

kring....kring... *eceh!sounds so cliche!*

I : hello?
B : Hello, may i speak with Miss Irna, please?
I : speaking... *yeke aku jawab camtu tadik?* ;p
B : hi! i'm Ben from GEMS...
I : yeah...
B : so, i'm calling you to let you know that you have an interview on this coming Monday at KL
I : erk?ok...what position it is?
B : oh! hold on.... *few seconds past* hello miss,.its for admin exec..
I : ok....what company it is? * bapak blur sebab aku memang takde apply any job *
B : its biotech company
I : the location of the company?
B : in KL

* ek eleh...tau la KL...tapi kat mana?? *

I: ok...the interview is on  Monday right? 
B : yup!
I: by the way, i'm still waiting for the SPA to call me for the interview.
B : oh really? so when is the interview?
I : actually the interview is on 10 nov...but then, they postponed the interview because of the flood at alor star...and untill now i still didn't get new date for the interview.so, i need to confirm back with the SPA so that the date won't clash...

blaaa...blaaa....blaaaa.....with Mr Ben.

pastu end call!

so sekarang aku tak tau nak pegi ke tak intebiu tue memandangkan aku tak dapat lagi date untuk immigration punya intebiu tue...adeh! camne nie????pegi ke tak pegi nie??????

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