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Friday, July 23, 2010

~ no more sharing ~

whenever u got a problem, normally wut will u do?for me, i used to share my problem with sumone dat is really closed to me.not simply tell everyone.dat person shud be sumone dat i believe, sumone dat is very close to me...

untill sumthing dat had happened...make me think twice about diz!sumhow we need to solve da prob by ourselves...i dunno why..i often need sumone to listen to me and comfort me whenever i got a prob..just listen and comfort me..i dun need any advice normally.bcoz i can release the tension just by share my prob.its just enuf for me.lend me ur ears, then itz all right!i'll be ok...

but..sumthing has changed my mind!i dun think dat i need others to listen to me anymore!yes!i need to learn on how to face da prob by myself!saya serik!!!!!!it hurts me so much!saya serik untuk berkongsi mslh dengan orang lain!

why suddenly???da only me and god noe why.....

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