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Friday, July 30, 2010

Minor Operation

i just come back home from hospital visited my uncle, pakjang....pak jang has underwent a minor operation due to 'gout'...pity him...get well soon pak jang...

doctor used to make a minor operation at his left ankle because of the uric acid inside the ankle.

kaki dia nampak bengkak dan hitam after the operation...ok! i memang tak boleh tengok such thing!hahahaha...sebab tu tak pernah terfikir to be a doctor or a nurse at all! ;p

sempat gak snap picture his feet yang tengah berbalut!

x o x o

doakan pak jang cepat sembuh and cepat discharge from ward!

to those yang ada gout, jangan banyk makan seafood...

prevention is better than cure!

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