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Friday, July 9, 2010

Selagi Ada Rindu

finale...i found this song...hehehehehe...actually i heard of this song sang by one of my ex-pupil when i used to be a teacher last year.....and he was in year two okay....how advance he is...i neva know bout this song...i keep trying to search this song until today then i found it...hahahahha....so outdated kan?by the way...layan juga la this song...best juga....hehehehe....i dunno who is Pak Long...this song is singing by a singer known as Pak Long....lyrics is oso by him...

Selagi Ada Bulan Mentari
Selagi Ada Berkasihani
Selagi Ada Bulan dan Bintang
Selagi Ada berkasih Sayang

Selagi Ada Ombak dan Laut
Selagi Hatiku Terpaut
Selagi Ada Turunnya Hujan
Selagi Ada Rahmat Tuhan

Selagi Ada Langit dan Bumi
Selagi Cintaku Bersemi

Selagi Ada Waktu
Selagi Ada Rindu
Biar Beribu Batu
Ingin Aku Bertemu

Oh Kasih (Oh Kasih)
Damailah (Damailah)
Engkau Di Sana

Ku Berdoa (Ku Berdoa)
Pada Tuhan (Pada Tuhan)
Agar Kau Bahagia


nak dedicated this song to my dear la.... ;p

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