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Friday, July 30, 2010

:: Whats N.E.X.T. ??? ::

hurrrmmmmmm..........i already filled in too many form...keep on applying for a job...i don't care whether the job is related to my course or not as long as i think i can make it and i can survive with the salary provided!

i do apply through internet, by post the forms, go for the SPA's exam...i did applied for KPLI, DPLI, researcher, science officer, immigration officer, PTD etc...i went to career fair at PWTC, Midvalley, and the latest one at kompleks Rakan Muda in my hometown..i never give up! i keep on seeking, hunting, looking for a better job for myself!

i have worked as a telesales, volunteer, teacher.....but its all for a short term period!

what should i do next to get a job? its almost 2 years i've been graduated!this thing really mess me up!i hate this!some people keep on telling me 'bersabar...nanti mesti ada rezeki...'

yes, i know!but does it means its all depends on 'rezeki' at all?i've work hard to get a better life....i need a job....i need a career...i keep on waiting for my 'rezeki'.... =(

people said that nowadays if you don't have 'cable' its hard for you to get a job..ok! fine! i did found a 'cable', unintentional....actually, i didn't planned for this!its my luck maybe...hopefully this would be a good signs for me....

a Dato' came to me personally,then we talked for a while. after that he asked for my CV and he promised to get me a job in government sector....OMG! am i too desperate to get a job until he give me a call and i feel suddenly i'm begging him..but not too much okay!i told him that i really need his helps.and he did promised me, he'll try his best for me....alhamdulillah if he do that!i heard that Dato' helps a lot of warga Baling to get a job...perhaps next is my turn...

besides, not to forget...minta dari Allah s.w.t....berdoa and terus berdoa...berdoa supaya rezeki saya akan tiba juga dalam masa terdekat...

x o x o

suddenly mood lebih terarah to think about 'job'

i really need a job!

still waiting for SPA untuk panggil ke next stage sebab da lulus exam SPA

1st time lulus exam SPA after a few times sat for the exam! =.='

pity me! *sighs*


  1. irna jgn give up....selagi mampu cari keje....hopefully ko dptla keje secepat mungkin....mesti ko boring gler kan....harap2 ko dapatmla tu spa....amin...^_^

  2. iya suria...boring gila nak mampus suda nie smpai 1 rumah suda i geledah....hahahahha...make over rumah suda nie taw..itu maksudnya boring thp melampau....smpai i ckp to my mum, i nak mengecat...sbb tlampau bosan kan...jadi skrng abes la bilik2 dikerjakan...tukar cat baru....hahahahah



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