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Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm floating in mid-air

"I'm floating in mid-air"...tbaca quot ni from sumone's wall...hhurrrmmm...floating....me too..i'm floating but not likes 'love is in the air'...i've been left alone...is it?idk...i've no comment...

i do love my blog....this is the place where i used to express my feel...i think this is the better way rather than i tell other people as what i've done before.do i have bad experience?yes i do!backstabber? oh no! totally NOPE!

l lost the person that i used to share my prob.its sucks u noe! really hurts myself!i feel like crying, shouting, screaming, etc.i'm alone...nobody can replace that person even though i know there are a lot of people out there that are willing to lend their ears for me.

"are u okay?" ...."do u hav sumthing dat u wanna share with me?"...."come, let share ur prob with me..tell me...wut happen?" etc...i misses those questions...frequently ask me such question...its really comforting me......i feel so okay whenever i can speak up!i feel so comfortable whenever i dun need to keep the prob inside.

unluckily, im not dat types of person which is love to share all their prob with other people.i cud only share my prob with sumone that i believe, sumone dat is selecting by me bcoz of some criteria...wut is it??i cant tell u...

ish!wut happen nie? idk....tetba rasa nak mengarut2 kat my blog..this is my blog okay...so as wut my kazen said 'like heart la'...

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