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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before & Now


When i was young (till now i'm still young)..when i was in primary & secondary school...commom questionS that people will asked me...

1. Sekolah mana nie?

2. Darjah/tingkatan berapa sekarang?

3. UPSR/PMR/SPM ek tahun nie?

4. Exam dapat berapa A?

After SPM....

1. SPM dapat berapa A?

2. Studi mana sekarang?

3. Masuk matrik ek?Matrik mana? Course apa?

At University...

1. Studi U mana?

2. Course apa?

3. Brapa tahun kat U?

4. Pointer dapat berapa?

5. Nak keja apa lepas nie?

6. Da ada bf ke? n bla...bla....blaa...

After Graduated.....

1. Da abes belajar ek?

2. Dulu studi kat mana? Amek course apa? (flash back)

3. Keja mana sekarang?n bla..bla...bla...

Almost 2 years after grad....

1. Bila nak kawin?

2. Aik?Takkan TAK LAKU lagi?

3. Tak da calon lagi ke?

4. Ish..pa tggu lama2 lg nie..awak tue perempuan...... (so wut?)

5. Takde yang masuk lagi ke nie?

And yet, demmit! HATE to be an adults! Miss my life in university.... Nobody will ask me about MARRIAGE! Need to think bout my study, exams, the rest i do enjoy my life. No such stupid questions to be answered!

Can u pls let me manage my life and stop asking me such nonsense questions coz i really hate the word MARRIAGE by now...

I'm not dat type of gurl which is need to begging guys n say 'pls marry me....i want u...i really need a husband in my life"....

What a damn stupid thing that i will neva do! NEVA AND EVA... and FULLSTOP!

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