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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I H.A.T.E T.H.I.S!

OK!enuf irna!stop crying....

ok!i'm crying again and again...and i'm so stress!everything messed me up!

dun want to talk about what already passed! malas nak fikir! eh!wait!nape nanges?ok!let me tell u...actually i already set my mind, tomorrow i'll meet my GEMS' buddies at Village Mall, SP..its already in my mind..

nak di jadikan cite, when my dad arrived home this evening, my mom told me the car broke down! damn it! kenapa la kau nak rosak when i want to use it? this is really s**t taw!

i asked my mom, 'then how come i wanna go to SP tomorrow?'..my mom answered 'what to do....we never plan that car nak rosak'... then when i heard that, i don't know i feel so sad and i start to cry....i feel like shouting, screaming and ape lagi...mcm2 la...

actually, i feel so stress!get 'trapped' in the house everyday....such a f*****g life style...can i said so?hurrmmm....did anyone can understand me?????i can't stand anymore....undergo such the same activity every seconds, every minutes and everyday! i hate being unemployed! :'(

OMG! i feel so tired...keep on looking, searching and hunting for a better job! but nothing i get until now! what's wrong actually huh? look at other people, they have and they get everything they want! how bout me?unlucky all the time?am i???????

mom and dad...i wanna go out so that i can find some air, some space for me to breath.....u may look at my face, smile all the time....laughing, talking, etc all the time...but nobody knows what's inside!i'm crying, sighing, all the time!

the main point is i feel damn bored with my life! i've no money, i can't get what ever i want....i need to ask for the money from both of u!this is so stupid!i'm already 24 years old! should not begging for the money...supposedly.. this is so ridiculous, nonsense and i feel damn USELESS at all! :'(

really need some changes in my life!pls...plss...plss.....i really need a job so that i won't feel so useless! :'( i betol2 tak tahan dengan my life yang nothing nie....its really make me -----> L.O.W S.E.L.F E.S.T.E.E.M!!!!!


mood sgt caca merba dengan mcm2 hal yang berlaku

perhaps i can go out and have fun with my buddies

really miss 'em so much!


  1. aiyoo..doa byk2 ea..mesti ada gak 1day:D

  2. plss...plss.....i really need a job so that i won't feel so useless!

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