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Monday, June 27, 2011


Mengkuang Dam


its been a long time i never updated any photo shooting story.....huhuhuh...if  not mistaken, last photo shoot that i joined was at Captura white studio....niat di hati konon konon nak officially resign from any photo shoot activities...but my mistake....i can't drastically and on the spot stop doing what i like the most! =.=' i need some time...i need to do it slowly....i'm happy with what i'm doing....photo shoot is part of my life....when i feel like dying and when bored is killing me softly, photo shoot is the best remedy ever! ^__^ so photo shoot is my damn happiness! :))) but sooner or later, i know that i ought to stop from doing this :(

last saturday i joined another photo shoot organized by ska syndicate team at mengkuang dam....first time shoot kat mengkuang dam....nice place...actually on that day me and my cuzzy nak gi shopping kat jusco...but then, photo shoot buat kat mengkuang dam..1 jalan juga nak gi jusco...so we decided to join the photo shoot for 1 session only...sebab lepas kat mengkuang dam, they went to island.....shoot kat fort cornwallis and beach...so happy viewing guys....da malas nak cakap panjang panjang :)

me and mira

talents of the day

macam ikan duyung terdampar di daratan! ;p

shoot by event manager, Azrul Mahmud

we brought along our lil sis...
lepas tue award dia dengan bawa gi shopping and makan makan! ;p

shoot abes dalam pukul 1 lebih..so joined dorang semua pegi lunch dulu kat 1 kedai makan kat tepi jalan somewhere at nibong apa ntah....i don't know!hahahah....before nie lalu je kat situ....tak pernah singgah makan...sebab orang bapak ramai makan kat situ..that was my first time la pegi makan kat situ....makan nasi campur....lauk banyak giler...sampai rambang mata nak pilih....can you imagine 11 orang makan total semua RM5O++...less than RM6O...murah kan?makan da la tanak kalah...lauk sotong, ikan, ayam, ulam, kari, bla bla blaaaaa....ntah macam macam jenis lauk each of us amek....memang berbaloi baloi.....lepas lunch kat situ, me, mira and aiza bawa haluan pegi jusco.....sebab shopping time begin!!!!!! hehehehe....oh! thanks you ska syndicate team yang sponsored our food on that day....breakfat kat Subaidah pon dorang bayar, lunch pon dorang bayar, minuman sepanjang photo shoot dijalankan pon dorang yang taja.....a bunch of thank you.... :)

x    o    x    o
dapat released tension ^__^

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