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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....

i would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to my OP on my wedding here in KK for the very marvelous pictures! you guys did the very best part to save our best moment ever!

thank you to abang Syam Kiki and Jamri Herry from Shutter Works *correct me if i'm wrong* for being our OP of the day. we had a very wonderful outdoor photoshoot with you guys! they are so 'gila gila'..... :P they got a lot of idea during our outdoor...we felt so comfortable while doing the outdoor photoshoot with them! :) the price is so reasonable! so bride-to-be area kk....do PM them..early booking is recommended! search their FB account!

our outdoor photoshoot we all buat a day before our reception.so still have full energy...dari petang sampai malam...normally photographer akan limit kan time for outdoor photoshoot around 1-2 hours.tapi dorang ni macam takde limit time.sampai kitaorang pulak yang kepenatan.....hehehe :) we started the session at the first venue which is at KKIA...then we moved to beach, Tanjung Aru, then to Jesselton Point for the very last venue coz on that time i da rasa very exhausted! tak larat nak posing and nak senyum da! kakakakaka LOL!

they not just incharge for our outdoor session but they cover the outdoor session, malam berinai, and our persandingan yang mana ketiga tiga nya adalah pada hari yang berlainan but the price they offered us is so reasonable and i can say sangat murah! ^__^ trust me!

so, tak yah nak bebel lebih lebih, just scroll down and enjoy hasil yang dorang bagi kat kitaorang.jum jamu mata! :)))

actually i nak upload our outdoor session punya, tapi i just realize my pen drive is corrupted and all the soft copy for the outdoor session is gone! :'( demmit!!!! huhuhuhu...so terpaksa tunggu dari photographer je la....sob sob sob... T___T

x    o     x    o
MUA for outdoor: myself
wardrobe for outdoor photoshoot: Butik Ismail Hassan & Butik Kasih Sayang

MUA for malam berinai and sanding: Butik Kasih Sayang
wardrobe for malam berinai: Butik Kasih Sayang
wardrobe for majlis sanding: Butik Ismail Hassan
wardrobe for majlis potong kek: Butik Kasih Sayang

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